Five minutes permitting…

In Now reading on June 22, 2009 at 6:08 am

The Last Letters : 5 Minutes Permitting  by 박홍이 (2009)  도서출판넥스윅

5분간의 생만 허락한다면 마지막 쓰는 편지

물리학교수의 인생묵시록 77가지


Everyone has a dreadful moment in the life: what if I cannot wake up tomorrow morning? Am I ready to die without any regrets?  Shouldn’t we live in the life preparing for such the worst scenario?


This book by 박홍이 answered to the question: how should we live in the life?

Since he is a very productive scholar himself and loves to read books, draw, fencing, I think he is a my-type guy.



We tend to pursue perfection when dealing with a type of projects that involve our names such as writing, publishing, and so on.  

Reading this book written by physician 박홍이 reminded me that we shouldn’t play too much emphasis on perfection, instead, but on progress (p.23).

Yes, think about those scholars who kept writing but never published anything. Definitely I do not want to be one of those people who seek for perfection through the whole life.


In stead of reserving everything within ourselves we need to express it to others through various communication channels. There is a saying, “The silence is the best policy.” This is very true in terms of dealing with people issues. However, when it is concerned with the matter of developing ideas, opinions, or publishing something, we need to talk them out and seek for feedback from others.


Thus, it is important to talk to colleagues and mentors by sharing my ideas and visions with them in order to develop those undefined constructs to a more sophisticated ones. In other words, we need to express ourselves to others. The bottom line: we human beings are social animals equipped with communication tools.


Read much, think much, and write much (p.16).


Yes, that’s the life I want to live in!


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