Using CAI and the NRA to teach word identification

In References on August 23, 2009 at 10:25 pm

ID 65

Coleman-Martin, M. B., Heller, K. W., Cihak, D. F., & Irvine, K. L. (2005). Focus on Autism and Other Developmental Disabiliteis, 20, 80-90.


Three participants with cerebral palsy, autism, and brain injury from a stroke, who have severe speech impairment.

The target words were displayed either on index cards or on the computer using POWERPOINT software. During CAI, words were presented using the POWERPOINT software, which created a series of PowerPoint slides for each target word. Each slide had a visual and auditory component.

The first slide for each word begain by showing the student the entire word and encouraging her to slowlu say the word aloud as the word was slowly pronounced by the computer program.

The next slide showed the first phoneme of the target word in a dark color, and the study was instructed to say that sound in her head while the digitized voice said the sound aloud. Subsequent slides showed the following phonemes  presented in the dark color while the preceding phoneme remained on the screen but changed to a lighter color. For each phoneme, the digitized voice said the dark-colored sound aloud. Once each phoneme was presented, the entire word appeared on the screen in the dark color and the student was instructed to sound out the word slowly in her head without stopping between sounds while the digitized voice read the word slowly.


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