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  Submit a Proposal for the 2009 CERA Conference

Deadline: Friday, September 25, 2009

CERA is now accepting presentation proposals for the 2009 CERA Annual Conference. We encourage you to present your work in research, evaluation, and assessment — particularly work that relates to this year’s theme or CERA’s ongoing strands. The 2009 theme of “Formative Assessment: Implications for Student Learning” was chosen to give researchers at universities and school districts the opportunity to present research findings related to the formative use of classroom assessment data. Join us in building a program that helps CERA members learn which programs are effective and which practices can be replicated.  How and to what extent have California’s preservice and classroom teachers been trained in the use of assessment for learning strategies and techniques? What has been the impact of using those strategies on student academic achievement? What has been the impact of using those strategies on student engagement and motivation? How are your teachers using assessment results to adjust and improve teaching and learning in their classrooms? What changes have you seen in teacher and student behavior?

While formative assessment is the theme of the conference, quality presentations are encouraged on any and all areas related to educational research. In addition to individual presentations, researchers are encouraged to work with others to create presentations around an educational research theme of interest and propose a session focused on that theme.

Guidelines for Submission

  • CERA will no longer accept faxed or mailed copies of presentation proposals.  A Word version of the proposal form may be downloaded and e-mailed to, or proposal forms may be completed on-line. (See Submitting Proposals below.) Conference proposals are due on September 25, 2009.

  • All presenters must register for the conference and have a registration badge. If they wish, presenters may elect to register for only the day of their presentation. Graduate students pay only the $100 fee.

  • Where there are multiple presenters for a proposal, CERA will correspond only with the primary presenter. It is the primary presenter’s responsibility to communicate all conference information in a timely manner to all secondary presenters.

Submitting Proposals
You may submit a presentation proposal by…

  1. Completing a presentation proposal on-line. Strongly encouraged!  Click here!

  2. Downloading and completing a Word version of the proposal form and e-mailing the form to

Review and Notification
All presentation proposals will be reviewed by the CERA Board shortly after the September 25 deadline. Primary presenters will be notified of acceptance or non-acceptance by e-mail on or before October 8, twenty business days prior to the conference registration deadline.


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