1/31/10 The Last day of January

In Journal on January 31, 2010 at 11:26 am



I need to really focus on the proposal….

I think i have focused too much on blogging thanks to circumstances.

Since Si Woo came back, I will forget about Han Geng naver blogging. 

I think that would be OK.

Just focus on English blog, keep translating those posts.

Forget about other bloggers who will understand I am very busy …so I don’t have to socialize with them.

In addition, that’s not my priority to socialize with them.

I don’t have  such a time.

So…   My new resolution again.

1.  PROPOSAL  five hours no matter what!

2. BLOGGING  one hour that’s it at this point  (working on translation only)

3.Michael -two hours every day at least. reading, talking, and playing with him.

4. EDSP500 teaching  – two hours every other day.

Please…you have to … now…no turning point. you know T.T

A Foolish Man’s Dock

“ Time resembles a dock..

 So takes my docking…

 But the fully loaded catches were…

Merely  the loss from an embrace between you and me.

At love’s dock, I am waiting for you with anxiety,

In the darkness, in the fear of you missing me,

Burning my boat, I am just waiting…

I cannot turn around

You have to help me out

Where are you drifting around…

With whom are you…?

Although it’s you who have to rescue both my world and dream…

I cannot turn around…

God for how long you want to hurt me

How foolish I am…

How much I am in love with you..

Guarding this place in loneliness you gave me…

I will not leave you …

I just foolishly keep guarding this foolish man’s dock …”


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